Porta Shower - Home Care Bath Spout Shower Kit with 6 ft Hose & Sprayer For Showering Handicapped & Elderly

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Fits spouts with shower diverters like this:


Finally, a Home Care shower kit that works and lasts!

Porta Shower is a commercial grade product that fits most bathtub spouts with top front shower diverters. Adapter is made of chromed impact proof ABS plastic. Included, is a 6 foot 1/2 inch hose, which produces large amounts of water. The sprayer is also commercial grade and produces a broad, soft shower of water for a cleaner, faster result.

Attention: Hose is somewhat stiff out of the box, but softens with use and when warm water flows thru it.        

  • Made In USA - Patent Pending
  • Heavy Duty, High Flow Hose
  • No tools required
  • Portable - Use it at Hotels, Hospitals, Patient's Homes 
  • Twist on - Twist off
  • For showering elderly, the disabled & children
  • Fits most bathtub spouts with shower diverters


Return Policy: 

No Returns. Too many customers have been abusing our return policy by either not fully reading the description and instructions of our product, or returning our product after using it. We are not Amazon. We are not Walmart. We are an American small family business. In order for us to stay in business and keep our product and shipping affordable, we must make a profit. Please read our product description fully before purchase. Thank You.